Getting Naked in Winter

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Hello people of the blogosphere !

It is finally December and the weather is not quite co-operating with me lately. As you know I am a true believer of cold weather, layering and all things black, with the warm weather that we are still having here in Malta, it can be quite hard to to find a link between winter clothes and not so cold weather. This type of weather could be tricky at times as one could get confused whether they should add or wear a winter clothing piece.

Ps: Carrying a jumper does not hurt any one really !  #randomfact 

Now for some juicy details. 

Top : Thrifted
Cigarette Trousers : Topshop
Shoes: Zara
Messenger Bag: New Look

Last but not least I would like to sincerely thank Andrew Borg Carbott for his photographic techniques and kind dedication.

Kindly find the link to his facebook page. Don't forget to like his page !

Justine Thea,

The truth is finally out ...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

This is not the usual type of blog post that you see on a fashion blog. I have been quite hesitant about this post, and was not 100% sure that I should put this up on my blog in the first place. As most of you figured out, I haven’t been posting a lot, and have not been interacting a lot with all the social Media, there are a few reasons why, but I am about to say a lot of things that are about to make a bit more sense, ( I’m sure you will keep up. ) In the beginning when I started with all of this, I didn’t really know what I was going to get into. I have always liked fashion with a huge passion and I always did like to experiment with different fashion materials, so when the time was right I found the opportunity to start a blog “Fashion Finder.” Although I have not been blogging for a very long period of time I loved every experience and opportunity it brought to me. I got to meet new people and start off new adventures, which I am SO grateful about until today. 

Ever since I started off blogging, things have gotten better than I ever expected. During the Summer Months, life started getting a bit complicated. I had finished my second term in College in which I was studying to continue to move on to University and continue studying on Law. The problem was, there was always something missing, and I just did not know exactly what it was. It took me a long time to figure it out. Whilst I was taking a break from all of the blogging, I was going through some stress and anxiety problems as I found myself not worthy and not good enough in doing what I love most and I found that on comparison to others I was nothing,so the only suitable idea was for me to figure out why and help myself in recovering and most importantly feeling better.

Regarding this, I finally came to conclusions with myself and knowing what’s good for me. I might not get everything right by the first try, but it will take time and that is not going to stop me. Having to quit school and continue Fashion is a risk, but I am willing to take that risk no matter what. Most people thought I was crazy and stupid for doing this, but at the end of the day I know that this decision is the best one that I could make for myself. There will be a totally new look and a big change to my blog. Everything will be up very shortly, and I promise you, there will be new adventures and I would really appreciate if a lot of you will get involved !

So stay tuned and make sure to check out the blog in a couple of days !


Justine Thea 
Fashion Finder 


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Fedora Hat: Asos
Crop Top: Thrift Shop
Mom Jeans: Asos
Shoes: Asos 

Watch : Thrift Shop
Eye Bracelet: Sicily
Beaded Bracelet: Stradivarius
Every day bag: New Look 

Hello people of the internet (A.K.A Fashion Finders.) First of all, I would like to apologize for such a wait on blog posts and all the social media. I know, I should be ashamed, which trust me, I AM ! I had sooo many things going on that I was not managing at all. I do sincerely apologise and I promise that I will be getting back on track with all of the social media and the jabber. Soo shall we begin ?!? 

Now I know that unfortunately Malta does not transition into Fall, but that is not going to stop me from LOVING it! So I found myself a good excuse for spending some money for my favorite season.

I was lucky enough to find the perfect location for this look. I tried making it as " Fall looking " as possible, so bare with me. The look that I put together is very affordable, as most of these clothing pieces are both from local web shops and local stores that are found internationally. 

When I was choosing the outfit, I was mostly inspired by these Mom Jeans that were purchased during the previous Winter but, somehow I never found the time and place to wear them, so I decided to make them my main " attraction " in my outfit. The fact that these Mom jeans fit perfectly by the waist ( since they are high waisted jeans ) they will make your figure look taller and much slimmer without doing any improvement whats so ever. Sometimes styling Mom jeans can be hard and very tricky,  but balancing out the upper part of the body could be the key to success. Always remember that playing with proportion in an outfit is key. Having said that, I paired up the Mom Jeans with a plain black crop top and my favorite hat at the moment A.K.A : My Fedora hat. Added some basic accessories to the look and my comfortable shoes which were purchased not so long ago. I then finished off my outfit with some sassy bedazzled sunnies. (Sounding so cheesy.) 

I hope that you enjoyed the blog post. If you do have any enquiries please do not hesitate to ask me as I would LOVE to hear what you have to say about it. Take care and stay supple. Until next time ...

Justine Thea 
Fashion Finder

Summer Sadness

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Who said you cannot wear black in summer ?

I had the feeling that the grunge look was about to hit me anytime soon. I just knew it. Bending the rules a bit never hurt anyone, now did they ?!? NOPE. I am a person that is just obsessed with black and I just cannot live without it. The look I was going for was more a Kylie Jenner look. You can never go wrong with a black skirt, black plain top and some sunnies. 

I added a statement necklace to give it some lemon and spice ;) A pair of orange school shoes, these fancy looking sunnies, (which you could use as a perfect mirror FYI) and a checked shirt around my waist gave the perfect definition to what I call, a grunge look!

Yes. That is my sister photo bombing. It's her thing lately. 

Dunno what I am doing with my hand, but I like it :D
Now for some specific details:

I was trying to make this outfit blast off peoples minds (not in the literal sense) with really simple pieces that I am sure everyone has somewhere in their closet. 

Crop Top: Boohoo
Skirt: Stradivarius
Camera: Vintage
Checked Shirt: Jennyfer
Sunnies: New Look
Necklace: New Look 

I would really like you to tell me what you think.  Do not hesitate to show me what style you can come up with.  Just post the links below :)

Make sure you stay supple and have a FAMAZING weekend !!!

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder

Once Upon A Time In Gozo

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sighhhhhhhhh ....... My mind is still on vacation mode and it just does not want to know about my super busy schedule life. There are times were you just want to free your mind and just go with the flow. Well in my case, I just went with the sea and that is where it took me, to the sister island of Malta, Gozo!

If you have not realised already through all of the social media, (I sincerely apologise for bombarding you with curiousness), I have spent most of my weekend and beyond on this beautiful, peaceful and inspirational, cuty little island.  The more I discovered the little secrets about the island, the more I wanted to share them with you.  Gozo is truly a must see place (write it down in your bucket list, like, right now !!!) Although this was more of a *work* holiday if you can call it that way, we still found some time to have a little fun and relaxation ;) I actually found time to read a magazine and read book ! Even I am amazed.

During my stay, I was lucky enough to have encountered my first Gozitan 'Festa'.  For all those who are wondering, a 'Festa' AKA a feast, is a traditional, religious, christian catholic celebration, which takes place every Sunday of the week both in Malta and Gozo.  This feast highlights a celebration for a particular patron saint.  

Gozo is more of a laid back island.  My breath was taken away as soon as I saw the beautiful sea views in Xlendi.  Just to get a little closer to such views, I managed to fall in a rose bush and cut my finger against a rock #literally!  This was all just to get a good glimpse of the view and take beautiful pictures.  No doubt, we obviously had to hit the beach, get sunkissed by the sun and taste the fabulous icecream  from 'Gelateria Granola'.

I shall stop blabbing and have a look for yourself ! :33 

PS: There's a little #OOTD :D You're welcome.

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder

How I styled it all ...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Well it all started one night .. 2:00 am if I am not mistaken. I decided to go on both Boohoo and Asos (another option of shopping, except the world wide web is at the palm of your hands, literally.) There was this Amazing SALE and as a shopaholic I went a little bit overboard with this whole situation. I was just overjoyed, I mean let us be very clear, it's practically everyones craving.

Exactly a week ago I ordered quite a few things and unknowingly yesterday I received a good amount of packages just outside my door. I just did not know from where to begin, so I started digging for each item and piece by piece I immediately started thinking what will go with what and that's when I said, people are always asking me how to style certain pieces, so here you go .... Just for you fashion finders. Shall we begin ? 

First of, we have this embroidered playsuit. What I love about this is that you can dress it up all smart, but you could also turn it down by pulling of a casual look too. This is such an easy piece to style because it is it's own statement. The detailing makes it even more easier especially for the person wearing it, since it will eventually give them more edge and definition to the way they look. Even so, it's always a plus looking great when in fact you just did not make that much of an effort. Another point that I really love about playsuits is that you clearly don't have to worry about pairings. In fact, if you are feeling lazier then usual these are really ideal for you. Just zip it up and you are ready to get out the door, obviously adding a pair of shoes and some jewelry will perhaps help even more. 

Playsuit: Boohoo
Necklace: Stradivarius
Ring: Parfois
Shoes: Topshop 

Next off we have a very plain but playfull  dress. It's quite simple but if you add the write amount of accessories you'll rock the outfit I'm sure. Having a swing dress in your closet is quite an essential piece and there are many ways in which you can survive your Summer with just this solution. Since usually these dresses are so airy and thin you could easily wear it any time during those hot summer days and this dress is amazing on any body type. Swing dresses have their own advantage. Why ? Simple. They are not tight on the body so this goes so well on any body type. I wanted to keep the peter pan collar as a statement, but you could always add a statement necklace and hide it away. Paired it of with a subtle but yet "colorful " bag and a chunky heels for some height and glamour. 
Dress: Boohoo
Shoes: New Look
Necklace in the next picture: Thrift Find

Up next is a very diverse outfit. I would personally wear this typical outfit for a night out with my girls. Showing of some skin is not that much of a crime some times, as long as the showing off part is the right amount. Showing off more of a wild side with a dark, navy, blue, edgy bralette. I must say, this is such a comfortable bralette. I'm not one to wear such short and I do mean short crop tops, but it's so lightweight and surprisingly really comfortable to move in. Staying with the same theme I paired the bralette with a gold chain necklace, printed skirt and a very simple clutch. Did not really want to get all carried away as it could have come out as too much !

Bralette: Boohoo
Necklace: Ebay
Skirt: H&M
Clutch Bag: Parfois
I hope that you enjoyed the looks that have been put together. Would you like to contact me feel free to go on my Facebook page or any social media. As always, Stay Supple ! :)

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder 

Exercising your Credit Card Much ?

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

My name is Justine Thea and I am a shopaholic. Cannot lie, that big sign, all colourful and jazzy, outside a shop window, just makes you droool like a maniac. I mean, I dunno you, but whenever I see a SALE sign it drives me insane. Getting to have your card swiped is just the best feeling in the world, but then you get to feel all disappointed when it comes to the price and you start finding every possible excuse to keep the clothes and then you start feeling all better again. Same goes with the world wide web situation, except, you are just doing it at the comfort from your home. 

Now I know that shopping gets to the best of us, soooo I will be giving a few tips on how to limit yourself and not push yourself just a little too far. ( This goes to me as well !!! ) 

When going shopping:

  • Budget yourself.
I think that when you budget yourself you get a better picture of what you want and like that you tend not to waste any money on stupid and idiotic things, but if you want, go ahead. No shame in that and trust me it would not be the first time .... but think twice, cause you would not know when you will be using it again any time soon. You might wear or use it once, no point in that. 

  • Try avoiding Credit/Debit/Visa cards
If you are a type of person who has no limits, I suggest to cash out money before going shopping, cause sometimes with credit cards, you tend to go over board, and poor credit card will be over tired. You would not want that now do you? Try making some calculations before and see how much you would like to spend, keep your credit card at home and you will be just fine !! No harm done.

  • Bargaining.  
Looking at the previous amount never hurt anyone. All you have to do is work out some simple maths, don't freak out, its just simple maths !! Then, question yourself ... is this really worth it ? If yes, then go ahead and buy it. Simple as that :D

  • Consideration.
When going shopping, especially during the sale, take some pointers here and there, it's quite a good idea ;)  When you see a really good and affordable price, you don't really think twice about buying the product. Take a good look at it and ask yourself a few and reasonable questions. 
  1. Is it worth it ? 
  2. Is the material good enough ? 
  3. Do I have anything to wear it with ? 
  4. Will I ever wear with ? 
  5. Does it suit me ? Being in fashion is not always the answer .... it has to suit you.
These questions only take less then a minute to answer. If you have more then 3 questions answered as 'no' ... you could put that clothing item back where it came from ! No hard feelings, just turn around and leave to find something much better ! Just keep these small points at the back of your mind and you will be just fine. Go all crazy, no one really cares unless you're not rocking a fab outfit ! Just prepare some claws and comfortable sneakers and you're good to go :D 
Stay supple ! 

Justine Thea 
Fashion Finder 

Colour in the Eyes of Summer

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Happy Sunday to all and hope that your weekend was somewhat awesome so far. Don't be gutted just yet, weekend is not officially over!

The fact that today is already the second day of summer, I was inspired to show off as much colour as possible.  This 'colour' inspiration gets me in a happy mood, although I do not exclude the fact that the black craving will eventually turn up sometime soon. 

As seen in the pictures, I felt like wearing something comfortable, by showing off freedom through the material and the size of clothing. Paired up some Topshop denim highwaisted shorts, keeping in mind the detailed neon stars, in contrast with the Topshop chiffon bright yellow crop top.   

What do you guys think ?

Stay Supple 

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder

Sandy Toes Sunkissed Nose

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How are you all keeping my lovelies?

I am soooo surprised at the fact that I have just started the summer essential series just a few weeks ago! ... and let me tell you, it feels like yesterday.  Knowing that summer is already with us, I'm even more surprised than ever that I'm writing all about everyone's favourite season - summer (ok, let me not generalise too much!).

Feeling that dash of heat on your skin, toes in the warm sand and sea salt shining on your hair, hmmm, my cup of tea!  Now I know that most of you want that bronzed tan with a shimmer glow, but ladies and gents, hold your horses! May I warn you, do not get tooo crispy brown, you do not want all those wrinkles when you grow older.  Trust me, don't go through the same painful experience I had and don't get me started down memory lane when I used to cover face cloths with milk to cool down my burnt body and for the sake of recovering and feeling fresh, but stupid 16 year old me did not know that after sun was a product that existed!            

Moving on ... although I'm not such a big fan of summer, don't get me wrong ... its the heat and the fact that I have to go shower every 15 minutes is what I can't handle.  Summer has its perks! Most of you have already started working out and get the chance to wear shimazing swimwear :D Whilst with me, I've been too lazy eating chilly fries to be honest, so wearing my ideal swimwear might take some time ...

With regards to the latest summer/swimwear trend, there are some, which I must say I have been loving deeply and obsessing about.  Take the one below for example, the beautiful sunflower swimsuit with a black background will help to make you look slimmer in size.  You have the option of wearing straps or removing them and you don't have to worry about your top or bottom part coming off once you jump into the sea.  Pair them off with a pair of transparent, round sunnies and a see through overall which is always the best option to let air pass through and allow it to touch your body in the heat of the sun.

You could manage to find these styles anywhere nowadays, and on the bright side, they suit any kind of body type.  So if you are a person  like me who loves eating food and is too lazy to exercise, the above and below pictures are a good option for you.  I am not obliging anyone to buy or dress this style of  particular swimwear. I am just giving my opinion of what suits best different body types and what is actually in trend. 

You could pair off the swimwear with a cute sundress or a cute pair of a matching crop top and skirt (... in love with and obsessed with the matchy, matchy print lately). Feeling like you have to drag the whole world to go to the beach? A pair of sophisticated sunnies, beach bag and some shimi shimi sandals will do and girl you'll be good to go and walk those sandy beaches, or rocky, which ever you prefer! Haha! 

Meanwhile, for all those ladies and gents who are obsessed with getting their crispy brown tan on, I would suggest putting on sun cream (a must) and avoid sunny hours which are mainly between 11:00am - 16:00pm.  Make sure you get a lotion or after sun gel such as the one I have been using lately - Aloe Vera Gel. Super soothing! ;)

Aloe Vera gel cools down the skin and helps to hydrate and improve the skin immediately. Drinking a lot of water on a day-to-day basis will definitely helps to keep you hydrated and maintain a beautiful, smooth, glowing and perfect looking skin.

Stay Supple ! :)

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder