What Men really do to Women !

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I really want to know what your opinion is on women wearing mens' clothing! The thing is, every time I mention something about this to the general public, people's expressions are more or less the same, and they are usually nothing good, but trust me facial expressions are priceless. The fun thing about fashion is that you get to express and have fun with it as much as you would love too. The different brands, textures and captivating colours of clothing the fashion world has to offer is even more entertaining than anyone can imagine. The choices are big and that is what I love about this industry. 

There are many reasons why women ( at least me ) opt to look for mens clothing. Reasons being, they are wayyy to comfortable and they do actually fit like a dress at times, but one of the most important reasons is that they are super fun to experiment with, especially when it comes to choosing the daily essential wear. Which, there's no shaming in that.  

In the outfit above, would anyone guess that that jumper is actually chosen from a Mens' section found at a thrift store? Well it is, ( if you haven't guessed already. What makes it more ideal to wear is the fact that its cashmere, so it makes it even more comfortable , plus it has a vibrant colour so it shouts out as a statement. Above all, it keeps you warm, so we're all good! No objections to that. 

Jumper: Thrift Store
Peg Leg Trouser: Mango
Shoes: Stradivarius
Clutch Bag: New Look 

I decided to pair of this outfit with some Peg leg trousers and some vintage inspired shoes. Meanwhile, I would really love to hear your feedback on what you think about Women, wearing Mens' clothing. Love or hate?

Last but not least, I would like to sincerely thank Andrew Borg Carbott for his photographic techniques and kind dedication. Kindly find the link to his facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/SnapcapPhotography .  

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