Fashion Finders !

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hello there Fashion Finders!

I hope that you are all doing really fine ! Since this is my very first time blog posting I wondered and thought hard on what my first blog post should be. I shall start with a slight introduction on me :)

Name: Justine Thea
Age: 18 ( Soon to be )
Occupation: Stylist
Hobbies: Travelling, exercising ( no joke), eating food
Character: Very bubbly , chatter box , and can sometimes come out as a bit shy

This is me I guess :) 

Just as the title of the blog says, I am a Fashion Finder. As most people out there, I like to search and look for really interesting pieces (both clothing and furniture), be it vintage or a simple find .  I always try and make them work whatever the case may be. This is how the title of the name came up ... Just in case you are wondering :P

This blog will deal with various topics, most of them being about fashion. I will be sharing this experience with you by allowing you to come with me to special events and hundreds of adventures, which I'm so excited about :) If most of you are wondering, I will definitely upload blog posts at least twice a week ...

I hope that you will join this adventure with me and enjoy this exciting experience.

Justine Thea