Full Name: Justine Thea Cefai
But you can call me: Justine Thea
Age: 19
Current Occupation: Personal Style Blogger, Fashion Advisor and Stylist.

My aim for creating this Blog: Basically, I want to encourage readers to have a wider perspective and interest in fashion most importantly help them and help you experiment different styles, textures purposely for your body type. You will have the opportunity to know how to style the latest trends and styles.

In this blog I shall showcase different pages which include, Outfit of the Days ( OOTDS ), Personal Styled Photoshoots, Pins , in which every week I shall be introducing something or someone which deserve more recognition. Social Events that will be held through out the year. Last but not least, travelling tips, containing go to places, and current Fashion Events that are happening in certain Cities around the World.

Feel free to browse through and show some love by letting me know what you think by leaving comments and interacting with me through Media !

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