Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta 2014 - Day 3 #MFWA2014

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Charles & Ron

I am officially SPEECHLESS !!! Best Fashion show by far !! ... I just do not have enough words for this. The show was just amazing . The way they incorporated the Maltese buildings and designs on the outfit was such a good idea. In the outfits you were able to see Malta in a different way, and get to appreciate what you have even more. 

Charles & Ron always had, have, and will always have a bright future in front of them. You could see so much potential and creativity in each and every outfit. 

Im not saying that Caroline Hili's Fashion Show was not great, but the Charles & Ron Fashion show which was set up at St.Elmo got me closer to heart. Year after year we see that their work is getting higher in popularity, by winning awards of best designer and for contribution. This year, once again, Charles & Ron managed to make everyone fall in love with their entire collection.

The setting was set outside St.Elmo Square. Gift bags to each person sitting down were given, which were sponsored by Aldo and Transforma. 

I cant say any better myself, and I do know that most of the other bloggers, stylists, and people that were also part of the audience will most definitely agree with me. 

Why don't you judge yourself by looking at the pictures below ? 

I hope that you all liked the " show " as much as I did. 

Make sure to check the blog for the next week for daily blog posts 

Dont Forget to stay supple :) 

Justine Thea
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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta 2014 - Day 2 #MFWA2014

Monday, 26 May 2014

Caroline Hili - Desert Storm 

Yesterday I was lucky enough to join in with the rest of the bloggers during Caroline Hili's Fashion Show. By far, this was the best fashion show so far, without a doubt. The showcase was brilliant and the attention to detail was impeccable. This fashion show was definitely a hit and most of the people present stood up from their seats and immediately praised the wonderful work in her collection. Every piece had its own unique creativity and it was just so hard to choose my favourite as they were all amazingly done. 

Her Fashion Show took place on the Renzo Piano Steps in the beautiful capital city of Malta; Valletta - Republic Street. Caroline Hili showcased her Spring/Summer '15 collection. It's aim was to picture images from nature and I can tell you, she nailed it! Her collection was full of evening dresses and jumpsuits and all of the clothing produced was formal. This fashion show screamed elegance and poise. Below you will find some of my favourite pieces from the whole collection. May I say, it will be hard to top this one. 

Dorianne Mamo - Photography
Matteja Camilleri and her amazing team - Make up
 Clinton Chetchuti - Hairstyling
 Mairsa Grima - Amazing models

Don't forget to stay supple !! :)

Justine Thea
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Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Malta 2014 - Day 1 #MFWA2014

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Creative Factory 7 & Ritienne Zammit

Today was the very first day of the famous Malta Fashion Week. The Malta Fashion week definitely started with a big bang. It started of with two local designers Creative Factory 7 and Ritienne Zammit. Both shows had different concepts.

The Creative Factory - Biosphere

This was a Spring/ Summer collection which featured fabric prints created from ten paintings. I love every single second from today's fashion show. It was amazing ! The colors where really spectacular, it definitely brought the summer feel to it. All the styles of the outfit vary from one another, there were a lot of dresses with a wide range of evening and casual wear.

The amazing models where from, makeup by Krista Paris and  the great hairstyles by Michael & Guy. Most importantly the designers, Charlene Muscat and Angelique Attard.

Ritienne Zammit - Amen 

Next up was the talented Ritienne Zammit. Her collection was a warm Winter/Autumn feel. Her inspirations came from different urban cities. The main objective of this fashion show was to show the catholic factors, which provided a religious sence.It defo shows a diverse expression between the modernised with a touch of olden times clothing, both intertwined together.

Models where once again from the amazing team of, makeup done by Graziella Zammit Grungo. Hair was done by Christian and Matthew Galea - Micheal & Guy.

Darling ... I can wear one of you jackets and dresses ANY DAY !!! :)))

This was definitely a good start ... A very good way to start Malta Fashion Week, and super excited to see whats next for the upcoming fashion shows and events. Dont forget to stay posted for daily blogposts for the upcoming week.

Don't forget to stay supple !! :)

Justine Thea
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hello Fashion Finders,

I am so happy to finally have gotten all of my Media passes and tickets for Malta Fashion Week ! Preparations are being made and I am super excited for the next upcoming two weeks. So many exciting projects will be going on and I will defo keep you posted until the very last detail.

You will be joining me all through out the events, and fashion shows and obviously see the latest trends on the catwalk. I will keep you posted by uploading photos and will do my best to upload the latest news within the 24 hours that the event or fashion show has been done.

I hope you are looking forward to this amazing week as much as I am ! Stay supple :)

Justine Thea
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Malta Fashion Week ....

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Dear Fashion Finders,

Malta Fashion Week ( MFW ) is finally with us once again ! Best time of the year personally. 

Am I excited ?? - Hell yes ! 
Am I ready ?? - Bring it on !
Am I prepared ?? - Erm .. ( No comment ) 

Do not take me wrong, I am SUPER excited & super ready for  MFW, but the only brain damage is to see what one could wear to the events, and I am pretty sure that most of these bloggers can relate to this. For MFW being almost a week away ( :D ) is super nerve wrecking, but defo in a good way. Being busy with attending all the meetings and making sure that " everything " is ready is an awesome feeling. Feeling those butterflies in my digestive system already :P 

Although having a lot of clothes, it never seems to be enough to satisfy my needs. Planning before hand is defo not the brave thing to do, but I always like getting a good picture in my mind to see if the colours or patterns go together well. 

Quick tip: 

When attending fashionable events and parties like these, never really put in mind what one will say about the way you are dressed, block them out if possible. At the end of the day, everyone started the same way, and there is nothing wrong in experimenting with new material and patterns. This is what fashion week is all about really just DO NOT BE AFRAID !!! Be satisfied with what you are wearing, being comfortable is a MUST. If you do not feel comfy don't be afraid to change up the look, but do not change it just because others dont like it. Get dressed with your own personal style but most importantly ... ENJOY IT until the last minute .. 

Apart from fashion week being a bit stressful it has its own perks like any other event. I am super stoked to be part of MFW 2014 and I am absolutely sure that it will be a blast 

Stay Supple :) x

Justine Thea 
Fashion Finder 

Short Cut

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hello Fashion Finders,
Anyone can pull of a look, any age or gender. If you look around, everyone is at it. Short is the only cut you need to take this season ..

Short hair is the way to go for this upcoming season. It may be a bit hard to style, but once you know all of the tips and tricks, girlllllll you are good to go ! This hairstyle suits everyone and it does work on every hair type, even so, it does help a lot to modernise your look. This hairstyle started all over again just a few months ago, during the S/S 14 fashion shows. When a women dared herself to try it on in real life and see if it suits her or not. Guess what ? ...... She loved it !! :D 

I mean if we look at Actors, singers , models, they are all rockin it ! Starting with Rita Ora, model of the moment Sam Rollinson and finishing of with the queen Beyonce. This hairstyle is just spreading so quickly. 

The question that everyone asks is ... How should I do it ?!? (VERY SIMPLE ) 
  • Start of with your personal best and favorite hair cut you like and prefer.
  • Make sure that the look of your choice fits your face perfectly cause it can a bit tricky. 
Three options to choose from: 
The Karlie Koss: 

This look is just effortless tousled hair with choppy ends. Beach waves will
definitely do the trick.   

 The Sam Rollinson: 

Chin length and sleek. Adding a fringe to this look surely makes
it a softer cut. 

The Anja Rubik: 

Shoulder length, the style that everyone loves. Skimmed and textured.

These hairstyles are very versatile, the natural texture, loads of volume and the messy beach waves will defo do the trick ! 

You may never know until you try something out ! Stay Supple :) 

Justine Thea
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Let's talk Met Gala

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fashion Finders,

I am officially speechless .. I do think that this year was the best 'Met Gala' in Met Gala history. By that I mean, that there where quite a good number of beautiful ball gowns that were exceptionally phenomenal. The detailing on the dresses was just impeccable and interesting to look into. Everything was just fabulous, starting off with the hair made, make up applied and most obvious .. the outstanding outfits. 

and yes I do have my top 3 favorites :)

Karoline Kurkova

Karoline Kurkova - Wearing a Marchesa dress and Harry Winston  jewellery.  

The detailing of this dress is amazing, love everything about this dress. Even so, the jewellery could not be any better. It brings out the simplicity of the outfit in total. Everything complemented each other very well. Both the hair and make up were really natural, which makes the dress get all of the attention it actually received!

Cara Delevigne 

Cara Delevegine: Stella Mc Cartney all the way. Jewellery by Cartier. 

Cara Delevigne is bringing sexy back. This outfit was a brave but safe choice. It was good seeing someone dressing up differently during the event.  Since most of the other celebrities wore elaborate ball gowns and dresses, it was a good eye-catching outfit, since it had a fresh sense to it. The shoes ... the white platform was outstandingly original and complimented the outfit perfectly well.

Hailee Steinfeld 

Hailee Steinfeld wearing a prabal gurung dress and arpel jewellery. 

Personally I do think that this is my favourite dress.  The detailing of the dress in its design and colour was carefully and clearly made.  Looking closely at the underpart of the bottom part of the dress, a very dirty pink colour was applied to the material which complemented the shoes and gave that natural and unique touch to the dress.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post nut do not forget to stay posted for the next post on another summer essentials episode :)

Stay supple ! :)

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder

Summer Essentials

Friday, 2 May 2014

Hello Fashion Finders,
As promised, the Summer Essentials Series is officially at its beginning . I am super excited for this and I just could not wait any longer. Unfortunately, the coming styles have yet still to be introduced to Malta. I am hoping that with some more inspirations from fashion consultants will inspire people and help the trends enter Malta with a rapid pace.

Starting it off with the most basic and most wanted essential ( MUST HAVE ) is the Floral Print !! Before I continue mentioning more information about floral print, it is very important to take note of your body type, since floral is quite a tricky print to work with. Nowadays this print can easily be worn with pretty much anything and with any particular style. Obviously everyone can twist it up according to their likings. Be it for someone who is very experimental with their styles, even so for someone who is very simple with their tastes ( which there is nothing wrong ). Nowadays you can pretty much find this print on anything ... both in the men and womens section.

Christoper Kane, Nina Ricci and Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows are all adapted towards the modern, pretty and vintage patterns with the floral print adapted to it..

Moving on to other fantastic palettes such as the b&b colours .... Bold and Bright ! Miu Miu and Roksanda Ilincic are storming the charts with their amazing colours and shades. Their work is simply incredible.

I tried styling some b&b pieces as possible just to show a few ideas of how one can put prints, colours and simplicity to your look. In the looks that I have added below, I added a statement blazer with a black plain crop top. Purposely so that the blazer can have all the attention it wants. I paired it with Mango pegged bottoms and topshop statement shoes. I did not want this outfit to be so extravagant, so I decided to pair the total outfit with a plain electric blue bag and some new look sunnies.

Blazer: Mango
Crop Top: Asos
Bottoms: Mango
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Ms Selfridge
Sunnies: New Look

I hope that you enjoyed the looks that have been put together. Do not forget to remain posted for the next blog post. Stay Supple ! :)

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder

Summer Essentials

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hello Fashion Finders,
I hope that your week has been fine so far.  Mine has been pretty busy with all the birthday planning and events that have been going on. I guess I'm celebrating the big 18 with a bang :)

Moving on to the blog .. I know that most of you are super excited for Summer, and I have to confess ....... I am one of them. I've got to be honest, I'm kind of tired and bored of wearing the same colours (mostly dull ones. ) I'm so excited to be wearing all of the vibrant colors and prints, even so, experimenting with different make up brands and hair looks.

In fact, just to express my fond feelings for Summer, I decided to break down the Summer Essentials into Series (yes, you heard right .. Series) in three parts. These are categorized under fashion and beauty, in which I will be mentioning most of the must haves for Summer. Fashion - Hair - Beauty.

Logo for the series 

I will be starting the next upcoming blog posts with a few fashion finds that I have discovered in the past weeks that are currently in the Summer season. I shall start off with some of my favourite brands and inspirational fashion shows that I have seen through other sites and pictures.

I hope that you will keep posted ... Stay Supple :)

Justine Thea
Fashion Finder